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QuickQanava, QanMenuBar and QuickProperties librairies

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QanMenuBar layout update

Quick Qanava menu bar (QanMenuBar component) has received a lot of attention in the last GitHub commits. It is still far from being ready for general purpose production application, but it is useable. Menu can now be laid out horizontally or vertically in the same menu bar:


QuickQanava Preview 0.0.2

A lot of changes have been pushed recently to QuickQanava GitHub master: https://github.com/cneben/QuickQanava


Latest commits:

  • Add a ‘test-custom’ example showing how to create a simple graph and provide custom delegate to QuickQanava for rendering custom nodes
  • Document insertNode() and removeNode() methods in qan::Graph.
  • Document methods getNodeDelegate() and getEdgeDelegate() in qan::Graph.
  • Add multiple sections in qanava.dox for basic graph creation, and custom node definition.
  • Add qmldir files for QuickProperties and QuickQanava modules to fix QML import problem from external applications
  • Add mingw support in configuration files
  • Fix serious gcc compilations issues
  • Fix QML_DECLARE_TYPE namespace related issues
  • Fix all .pro files for consistency

Basic QuickQanava configuration and usage is described on: http://www.qanava.org/doc/index.html

Quick Qanava Preview


Quick Qanava Packages


Quick Properties

Quick Qanava

To be released component (almost similar to Qt PieMenu, but for rectangular menus with subitems)  QML and QObject based properties system replacing the old Qt Tools Property Browser. Support for static Q_PROPERTY and dynamic properties with time valued properties. Graph visualization library for displaying medium sized graph with complex node content.
Depends on QML Depends on C++/QML Depends on Quick Properties

Quick Properties timed values sample


Quick Properties QObject properties editor